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Mobile cranes commonly used on construction sites are usually temporary structures, sometimes they are mounted to vehicles so that they can be easily moved.  Mobile crane are usually able to travel on highways. Therefore, additional equipment is not necessary to transport the crane to the job site. When the crane is then erected at the construction site, outriggers are extended horizontally from the base of the truck and then vertically to stabilize the crane.

Mobile cranes offer a very speedy set up, making them perfect for emergency or rescue jobs.

Another perk of Mobile Cranes is their precision.
They can place heavy loads with exactitude whilst being easily maneuverable and able to reach up high.

Mobile Crane

Mobile Crane 


A rough terrain crane is a special type of mobile crane. It is mounted to an undercarriage that has rubber tires specifically used for off-road applications. Outriggers are also used for stability with this type of crane.

Doesn’t Require A Lot Of Space – Usually the construction sites are large enough for the heavy equipment that’s being used to move easily. But, when construction takes place in urban areas, the job site is small and tight. For example, in such areas, using the tower crane for the construction of tall buildings, is almost impossible because this crane type demands space. The rough terrain crane on the other hand, needs just a part of the working area to successfully perform the lifting tasks.
Tough Enough To Handle Various Lifting Tasks – Although the rough terrain crane is significantly smaller when compared to other crane types, it is capable and powerful enough to lift heavy objects like the tower crane. With its multiple axles and advanced hydraulic power, the rough terrain crane can still lift heavy objects and materials to great heights. Therefore, with the rough terrain crane, the power is not an issue when it comes to lifting and moving objects at the construction site.
Faster Set Up – Do you know what is required for the erection a tower crane? Definitely more than what is needed to install a mobile crane. The time required for installing a mobile crane on a construction site is very short. These types of cranes need just a little space to be stabilized. This means that work can be completed much faster.

Rough Terrain Crane


A crawler crane is a mobile crane that does not require outriggers for stability. A crawler crane is mounted to a chassis with a set of tracks instead of tires. Although crawler cranes are mobile around a site, they usually need to be disassembled and loaded on to transport trucks for movement between sites.

Crawlers have fantastic off-road capabilities and portability.

This crane has the capability to work on every type of ground, uneven and over rugged surface, even on the softest grounds, thanks to its specially designed track properties. The metal tracks make the crawler crane very stable on the ground and provide increased maneuverability on the ground.

The main advantage of the crawler crane is the ability to move and lift items and other heavy loads around the construction site very easily. In addition, the tracks of the crawler crane provide support and increased stability and no outriggers are needed.

Crawler Crane



Lorry crane is commonly use in restricted and limited space area especially in City Centre. Lorry crane are especially useful for lifting and transporting heavy loads such as Cabin/Container, Genset, Transformer, Steel Plate and more. Overall, the versatility and mobility of lorry crane is a two in one service that could save up time and increase construction efficiency. There are two type of lorry option: Cargo & Platform/Flatbed.

Cargo Lorry Crane 

Platform Lorry Crane


Cargo trailers are generally enclosed and are commonly used to carry and protect the load freight and prevent fall out.
Platform are widely used because they exude a great sense of versatility. Generally, a platform is used to load freights on its tip, sides, and rear. With these capabilities, platform have truly become the primary and leading assets of the trucking industry.

Cargo Trailer

Platform Trailer


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