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KEE HAN (Formerly known as Syarikat Perniagaan Liew Fatt) was established in 1980 to provide total solution in civil engineering, building construction, transportation, logistics and equipment rental.

Formerly known as Syarikat Perniagaan Liew Fatt, Kee Han has always been one of the best crane service provider & company in Malaysia. Boasting over 30 years of experience within the industry, rest assured that we here at Kee Han are well-versed within the crane service industry. Throughout the years, our relentless innovation and genuine sincerity in dealing with our clients have made us an established name within the industry.

The Liew Family has been at the forefront of lifting industry since 1980, Kee Han has grown its reputation and business units into different field to keep up with the fast-changing needs of our customer. Through its hard work and integrity, coupled with a strong cohesiveness between its management and staff, Kee Han has come to become a brand that is synonymous with providing excellent service.

Being in a niche industry, we have poured in great effort to make sure that all of our clients get easy and convenient access to our products and services. Cranes have always been one of the fundamental equipments in any development project. Most cranes are used to do heavy lifting duties especially is high rise construction where it plays a crucial part in efficient and safe lifting of building materials to upper levels.

With over 30 years of experience and professional expertise, we are committed to providing well trained and competent people to operate our equipment and perform their duties and job roles as required. Our customers will be provided with well-maintained equipment that is safe and capable of completing the tasks required with a commitment to reducing downtime through breakdowns. Ensuring that customer requirements are ascertained correctly, and orders processed in a fashion that will result in our service being delivered on time with the correct equipment specifications.

Be it constructing a skyscraper or renovating an old office building, cranes have always been an irreplaceable component in ensuring safety and efficiency of modern construction works. Modern manufacturing industries which involve assembling heavy equipment will also sometimes use cranes to do the heavy lifting. Making sure that all of our equipment is well-maintained is a commitment we make towards all of our clients. We understand that workplace safety is always a top priority and this is why we conduct frequent checks, inspection and regular maintenance so that our equipment is always functional to the highest capacity. Offering a wide range of services, we at Kee Han wish to provide a comprehensive one stop solution for your projects. From project consultancy to operations, our full list of service will make your project operations a hassle-free experience. With each project having unique specifications, our expert consultants will be able to advise you in coming up with the most suitable solution. We also supply professional and well-trained personnel to perform their duties and operate all equipment properly. Our effort and genuine passion in the industry has Kee Han recognized as one of the best crane service provider & company in Malaysia. Contact us today for more information about Kee Han’s services.

The Company is currently offering services into the following:

    • Hydraulic Mobile Crane          (20 Ton – 500 Ton)
    • Rough Terrain Crane               (25 Ton – 50 Ton)
    • Crawler Crane                          (50 Ton – 500 Ton)
    • Lorry Crane                               (8 Ton – 20 Ton)
    • 40 Footer Trailer                      (20 Ton)
  • Used Equipment for Sale        (All equipment is ready to work condition)










Safety is always the top priority in Kee Han culture, we make sure all worker and the object we handle is in the right way and meet the safety requirement. Every day we focus on safely and impact of our working activities on the environment, we always train our worker by training, meetings, safety booklets and campaigns. Safety is a key responsibility of everyone working in Kee Han.



Time is money, this is what we always heard about in life but is true. We believe our business is about time and our purpose is to help customer to improve construction efficiency and optimize the time of their installation with our services and solution for transporting, lifting, installing and responding swiftly on the break-down equipment to reduce negative impacts that result from emergency situation.


For optimal reliability and safety , our fleet is subject to strict maintenance schedules to ensure that every equipment we provide is in best working condition. We also keep close watch on changing equipment technologies and customer requirements and expands our fleet with the highest safety standard and technical solutions.



Liew start a small crane trading business in the early day.


Liew purchase his very first mobile crane for rental service business.

1995. NEW BORN

KEE HAN Machinery was founded by then, and continue expanding its business.


KEE HAN Transport was founded and purchase 6 wheeler lorry crane & 10 wheeler lorry crane.


KEE HAN purchase 12 wheeler lorry crane (Fassi-600AXP).


KEE HAN purchase its first Crawler Crane


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