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In the 30 years of being in this industry, we have established the know-how of all things related to cranes and heavy haulage. We invest heavily in our equipment and people in order to provide our customers the best of service. We understand that in this industry, safety is of the utmost important. Therefore, we ensure that all our machineries are well-maintained and regularly serviced. Our personnel are also well-trained and equipped with all the necessary professional training and credentials that make them the best fit to handle our machineries and perform their duties with care.


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Heavy Haulage Rental

Serving the need of contractors from various industries, Kee Han is committed to provide heavy haulage solution to those in need of our professional services. We own and operate a fleet of heavy haulage that can be used to lift and transport heavy and large equipment and machinery. Among the  heavy haulage available for rent are:

Crane Rental

Kee Han owns a fleet of cranes that have lifting capacity between 50 tonnes and 100 tonnes. The rental of our cranes come with the service of our highly professional personnel who are able to provide you end-to-end assistance and ensure that workplace safety is adhered to at all times. The types of cranes available for rent are:

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