For the first time three of Mammoet’s biggest cranes have worked together at the same time, as part of a job to help realise an ambitious construction schedule for Malaysian state-owned oil and gas firm Petronas.

Petronas’s largest downstream investment in Malaysia is the Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC). With an investment of $27bn, it covers an area of 2,526 hectares in Pengerang, Johor.

In order for Petronas to achieve their ambitious target of becoming operational by 2019, it is necessary to work on multiple phases of the construction simultaneously.

Since 2016, Mammoet professionals and up to 35 cranes have been engaged on site.  One of the tasks is the installation of big and heavy columns, the largest of which is 1,809t and 121m in height.

To be able to lift and install these columns high capacity cranes are necessary and, given the ambitious schedule, some need to work in parallel.

Mammoet mobilised three of their biggest cranes from their global fleet to Malaysia—the PT 50, PTC 35 and PTC 140 ring cranes. Together they offer a capacity of 10,000t and 225,000tm.

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