Kee Han Transport Sdn Bhd has 30 years of being in the heavy haulage and machinery industry.
Our expertise in project logistics covers a complete range of services including crane rentals,
transportations, factory & machine relocation, moving large machinery, jacking and skidding
system and more. Our machinery and factory relocation services can be customised to suit each
individual customers' requirements or needs. Find out more about our relocation services for
moving machinery and factories below.

Machinery Relocation

Our machine relocation services include the decommissioning of factory machineries before dismantling and cleaning. We also safely pack and move the machinery out for transportation to the desired new location. Other than unloading and unpacking the machinery, we also provide the moving-in and positioning of your machinery as well as assembling it to your specifications.
Kee Han Transport has a team of trained specialists with the technical and industrial know-how to provide you with an exceptional machine relocation service. Whether you are planning to move an entire factory or just move the machinery and equipment, we have the logistic capabilities for you. Moving small or large machinery requires sufficient amount of experience and expertise as machines are sensitive and may be damaged when moving.
Rest assured that Kee Han’s trained manpower and transportations are well-prepared to handle any difficult tasks including the moving of heavy duty machines, fragile machines, and more. As machinery movers, we understand the value of certain machines, and provide the utmost care when relocating to avoid any damage to the machines. Our machine relocation service is fast and reliable to ensure that any manufacturing or production downtime is severely minimized during the relocation

Factory Relocation

Kee Han provides a comprehensive factory relocation service that involves helping our clients move and transport equipment, machineries, processing machines, and other factory items.
From one factory to the next including overseas relocation, we can arrange a full factory relocation service that’s customised just for you.
With 30 years of experience in this industry, Kee Han is able to provide the logistics and apply industrial knowledge to quickly and reliably relocate your factory. Our team of highly skilled professionals are trained to move and relocate machineries regardless if the machine is fragile or heavy duty. With quality of service in mind, Kee Han assures minimal downtime for your factory’s production and manufacturing as well as the safekeeping of your high value machinery and equipment.
Our standard scope for relocating factories includes the operational duties of arranging transport, oversea transport, and a worldwide customs clearance to adhere to any legal requirements.
Contact us for our large-scale factory relocation services that includes the transportation and moving of any machinery items in your factory and our experienced staff will answer any relocation questions you may have.

Crane Rental & Lorry Transportation

Kee Han owns and operates a variety of large machines, transport lorries, vehicles, low loaders and more. With the available fleet of heavy haulage and cranes, Kee Han is able to provide a complete factory and machinery relocation service.
Our well-trained personnel are also equipped with the necessary professional training and credentials to operate and handle all our machineries and transportation. Safety is our utmost priority therefore, all of our machines are regularly maintained and serviced which allows our professionals to perform their duties with care.
Our fleet of heavy haulage can be used to lift and transport any heavy and large equipment or machinery for factory relocation. Among our heavy haulage that’s available are lorry cranes, 40-foot trailers, and low loaders. If your factory relocation has fragile or heavy machinery to move, our available fleet of cranes has lifting capacities of up to 100 tonnes to ensure any machineries can be moved safely without any issues. The types of cranes we have are crawler cranes, mobile cranes, and rough terrain cranes.

Relocation Services Overview

What we provide for factory and machinery relocation


We are a one-stop machinery mover and fully assist in moving your machinery including decommissioning, dismantling, cleaning, transporting, and reassembling. 


We offer a customised and secure packing solution for your machinery before moving and relocating to a new location.

Project Management

The planning, managing, and tracking of your relocation work progress including documentation as well as ensuring the compliance to regulatory requirements. 


We move your valuable machinery and equipment from one factory to another whether it is within cities or even overseas. 


Other than providing maintenance for any transport or heavy haulage rented, our team can also assist in maintaining other equipment by request. 

Field Service

Extra manpower that’s flexible and customised to cater to your project’s needs. We provide skilled resources and assistance